Maggie grew up with Canine Camp Getaway – literally – as her father was the original owner of the Roaring Brook Ranch, and Maggie was instrumental in convincing her father to “just give the dogs a chance” at the previously non-dog-friendly hotel. From day one, Maggie fell in love with camp – and all the dogs (and campers!) fell in love with Maggie.

That love affair continued for more than a decade, as Maggie grew up, got her first dog, and went from being “the owner’s daughter” to “dog holder/helper/errand runner” to teaching Barks & Crafts classes, setting up the camp store, offering valet service to the guests and assisting in classes wherever a hand is needed.

Maggie and her dog Riley love hiking, boating, swimming and barn hunt, and while the Lake George native spends much of her year busy with theater productions, sports and school work, she always looks forward to the twice-annual camps. Whether helping guests paint t-shirt paw prints, holding dogs for the multi-dog guests, assisting with opening day activities or showing the newbies around the Ranch, Maggie remains an invaluable part of camp.