2023 Canine Camp Getaway -
East Durham, NY
Sept 25-Sept 28
Sept 28-Oct 1
NEW for 2023 - GETAWAY PLUS Sept 25-Oct 1

Event place

East Durham, NY (Sept.)

Event date

Sept 25-Oct 1, 2023


2023 Canine Camp Getaway - Gettysburg, PA

Event place

Gettysburg, PA (June)

Event date

June 9-13, 2023


Sept 23-29, 2024

Package A

Sep 23-26

Package B

Sept 26-29

Package Plus

Sept 23-29

2024 Canine Camp Getaway - East Durham, NY


June 1-5, 2024

2024 Canine Camp Getaway - Gettysburg, PA

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Have Dog... Will Travel

Do you love spending time with your dog? Does a vacation surrounded by dogs and dog lovers sound like your idea of fun? If so, you’ll love Canine Camp Getaway!
Created for dogs and dog lovers, Canine Camp Getaway is the ultimate dog-friendly vacation, filled with wonderful activities you can share with your four-legged best friend. From agility, barn hunt, hiking and swimming in the dog-friendly pool to lure coursing, nose work, DOGA (dog yoga), canine freestyle dance, “Barks & Crafts” and classes in Canine CPR, dog nutrition and so much more, this resort vacation offers something for everyone!
We welcome dogs of all sizes, ages and abilities, as long as they are social with dogs and humans. No formal training or experience is needed — our trainers, dog sport instructors and staff veterinarians will show you and your dog the ropes, whether your pup is looking to brush up on some old skills or learn a few new tricks. Dogs can try their paw at a wide variety of dog sports, or, if you prefer, you can just take it easy and hang out together by (or in) the pool, enjoy “Yappy Hour” in the dog-friendly lounge, or go for a hike with your best buddy to take in all the new sights and smells.
This is one retreat that’s a real treat — for you AND your dog. So give your dog the gift of a lifetime and sign up today!

Dog Sports & Activities

From agility, lure coursing, flyball, hiking and swimming to barn hunt, nose work, rally, Dog Yoga, canine freestyle dance and much more, we have activities for dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities. Your dogs can polish up their skills or try their paw at something new at Camp!


Educational Seminars

Enjoy seminars by top veterinarians and trainers, learn Canine CPR, take classes to train for therapy dog work or ask questions at our open vet Q&A sessions — camp offers a wealth of educational resources to help you and your dog live longer, happier and healthier lives!


Fun & Games

Vacations are meant to be fun, with plenty of games, contests and activities designed to ensure everyone has a good time. From “Barks and Crafts“ to our daily Game of the Day , dog-friendly karaoke and movie night to our Silent Auction for Charity, you and your dog will find plenty of fun things to do at camp, day or night!


Our Facilities:

Held at the Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA (June Camp) and the scenic Blackthorne Resort in the Catskill Mountains in East Durham, NY (September Camp), Canine Camp Getaway offers a choice of scenic locales where you and your dog can be close to nature. Both facilities offer plenty of wide open space for recharging body, mind and spirit, while strengthening the bond with your four-legged buddy.
Best of all, we’re “human friendly” too, so you don’t have to give up the vacation amenities you cherish — like private baths, air conditioning, cable TV, wi-fi, great food (with a special dog-friendly covered outdoor dining area), a dog-friendly bar and nighttime entertainment! If you’d like to explore further afield, the neighboring towns offers hiking, kayaking, farmers markets, shopping, historic sites and more.

What Our Campers Say:

Canine Camp Getaway - June Camp

Eisenhower Hotel & Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA

Canine Camp Getaway - September Camp

Blackthorne Resort, Catskill Mountains in East Durham, NY

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