Event Place

Gettysburg, PA; East Durham, NY

Event Date

Sept. 23-29, 2024 (NY)
April 13-17, 2025 (PA)
June 1-5, 2025 (PA)

Gettysburg, PA (April & June);

East Durham, NY (Sept.)

Sept. 23-29, 2024 (NY)
April 13-17, 2025 (PA)
June 1-5, 2025 (PA)

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“Canine Camp Getaway is a special place where you can really enjoy the wide open beauty of the Adirondacks, play all day with your pup pals and then kick back and relax with your humans.”

–Quincy and Bossy

“Canine Camp is something we look forward to every year. We have made so many friends coming here and I will continue to come for years to come! My dogs love all the sports and activities and it’s nice being around people who love dogs just as much as you do.”

–Regina, Fenway and Willow

“Do you want to go to a place where you can feel at home and also make new friends while taking classes and learning new tricks? I have a place just for you! Canine Camp Getaway in Lake George, NY!! Tell your fur-parents to pack a bag and they’ll be able to have the time of their life too as you make memories together at this amazing interactive dog camp. Agility and lure coursing are just a few of my favorites! I hope to see you soon.”


“Mom has taken me to camp for as long as I can remember. I first I was nervous, but I did not need to be. Everyone was so open and welcoming. Mom is always so relaxed so I know it’s a great place to be. I cannot wait for the next camp because this time we are taking my new sister and I know she is going to love it as much as at do.”

— Eli, 10 y/o Border Collie

“If you love your dog and want to have a fun vacation with other dog lovers, Canine Camp Getaway in beautiful Lake George, NY is the perfect place for you and your dog, with lots of fun activities for both of you. We’ve been coming annually since 2010 – you can’t go wrong!”

–Marilyn, Ralph and Casey

“Go to Canine Camp Getaway,” they said. “You’ll have a ball,” they said. “Expand your horizons.” Guess what? They were right! Who knew that hunting rats could be fun for a collie like me?! Swimming, hiking, agility, barks and crafts, rats, and more. I owe it all to Canine Camp Getaway.”


“At this one of a kind camp, you meet new friends and create lasting connections with others who love their dogs! Mostly, the bonding moments spent with your dog(s) and memories made are immeasurable. It’s a bucket list adventure, for sure!”

–Danielle & Beans

“I’m a little wild!! Camp has been a place where I can learn and practice different sports, attend training seminars, swim, and be a better, more social me! Plus, I get mom to myself for a week which is awesome!”


“This is our favorite vacation because we get to do fun activities and see all our friends, year after year!”

–Lacey and Brandy

“Lots of new experiences, including swimming, skateboarding and doing an agility course. I have never slept so well in my whole life. Highly recommend CCG!”

–Harvey the Basenji

“Had a wonderful time at Canine Camp Getaway especially the lure course. Can’t wait to go back!”


“Canine Camp Getaway is the best. I get to play with all my friends in the pool.”

–Mia the Yorkie

“Smoothie up and over! I loves when Mommy takes me to Canine Camp Getaway. I get to be an (almost) only child and do fun stuff with Mommy.”


“CCG is so much fun. I get to play Frisbee all day with mommy.”

–Bella the Yorkie

“CCG is a vacation with ME, Prince – AKA Little Man. I had so much fun swimming, sniffing friends, paw painting, luring, agility, tricks and lots of treats!”