Heaven Chapter

CCG Heaven Chapter
It is a known fact that we borrow our pets from heaven. It is hard to give them back when their job here is done, but the lifelong paw prints they leave on our heart make it all worthwhile.
But just as they leave their mark on us, we, too, leave our marks on them. When founding Ambassadog Jessie left this earth, she decided that while we carried on her legacy here on earth, she would bring her beloved dog camp to heaven (because how could it be heaven without dog camp?), founding the Heaven Chapter of Canine Camp Getaway. All of the camp dogs who pass over are sent an invite, and they love to gather at camp while they wait for their humans to join them.
Much like the earth version, the heaven chapter of Canine Camp Getaway features wonderful scents and giant fields perfect for romping, with lure coursing, a sparkling pool, agility courses, barn hunt, nose work and lots and lots of treats! The weather is always perfect, the “bunny” is always catchable, and all meals are served buffet style so the dogs can eat their fill of all their favorite dishes.
They, too, have Movie Night Under the Stars, but their “movie” is our camp, which they watch joyfully, thrilled to see their favorite humans and canines having fun. Sometimes, when the light is just right, you may get a glimpse of their camp as well.
We honor all of our CCG Heaven Chapter members, and thank them for their love, friendship and devotion.