Bob has been leading hikes and working the lure coursing field since the first camp in 2009, and he believes that these are two of the best activities at camp. Since guests don’t have to teach dogs to walk or chase, these activities are stress free for both dogs and owners, allpwing everyone to relax and just enjoy being with their dogs.

“I love watchding dogs where they have a certain freedom to just be themselves. Only then can you understand the attributes that make them such great companions. Watchding dogs romp along the rails energizes our hikers, and a little morning exercise helps both humans and canines get ready for a full day of activities, while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Adirondacks.”

An avid runner who has participated in numerous races, Bob loves to explore new places and trails, and he finds canine companionship makes any trip more of an adventure. He particularly admires the way hiking comes naturally to dogs, regardless of age, breed or background. “Going on hikes, we get to see dogs in familiar environments for them. It may not be common for us, but the dogs know exactly what they are supposed to do. They take to it right away, regardless of size. They know instinctively how to navigate around and through rocky terrain or maneuver on muddy trails while we have to think about it. Even if your dog has been brought up in an urban environment, they know.”

Bob discovered lure coursing more than a decade ago and immediately fell in love with the way it gives dogs the chance to cut loose without reprisal. “Think about it: Normally your dog would be in trouble for giving chase to another animal or object. But on the lure coursing field, it’s not only allowed, it’s encouraged. Once they understand that it’s okay for them to give chase on the field, many of them can’t get enough of it.”

Along the same lines, Bob instituted a flirt pole class in 2018, encouraging the dogs to enjoy burning off some energy and playing training games through the use of the irresistible flirt pole. He also teaches Parkour at camp.

Bob’s long-time black lab friend Shadow recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but he’s convinced she continues to “shadow” him as they hike their favorite trails.