Valerie Stier has spent the past 15 years teaching and competing in flyball. One of the “original” CCG staff, she has been competing in agility since 2004.

Valerie is co-founder and co-captain of Long Island’s first successful flyball team: Long Island Road Rage. The team currently has three dogs in the top 10 for their brees in flyball. She has trained a variety of breeds – from papilions to bulldogs – to successfully compete in flyball. Using positive training methods and reinforcement, Valerie’s primary focus in training is building the relationship between dog and owner, as all else follows from that.

Valerie’s Mini Australian Shepherds Indigo (FMCH) and Dahlia (FDCH-S) compete in flyball and agility and her Australian Kelpie Mac competes in agility and is training for Nosework. Valerie can be reached at with any questions regarding flyball, and you can check out the team at