Michael Fraas, Staff Trainer


Recognized as one of the “Top 7 Trainers Under 35 Who Are The Future Of Dog Training” Michael Fraas works hard to live up that acknowledgement. A retired police office, Michael decided to channel his passion for dogs into a career in dog training.

Owner of the Beachwood, NJ-based Precision Dog Sport, he recognizes that the dog training world is always evolving and is constantly refining his craft to remain on the cutting edge of the industry, attending seminars on a wide variety of dog training topics. He says, “I love to learn, and believe you can never be armed with too much information.”

With a passion for high-level obedience, a sport he competes in, he realizes the importance of balance in any training program and says, “I recognize that no two dogs can be trained exactly the same way.” Being able to work alongside of an owner and their dog to create a calm, relaxed dog that fits their lifestyles allows me to be able to live my dream.”

Michael has five dogs, including two Belgian Malinois who are being trained to compete in PSA (Protection Sport Association), and the newest family addition, Cooper, who is training to do AKC obedience with.

When he’s not working with dogs, he loves the outdoors, and enjoys hiking, camping and traveling in his RV. His love of adventure led him to Canine Camp Getaway, where he helps campers enjoy their own canine adventures, whether offering training advice, acting as canine lifeguard in the pool or helping to guide the popular early morning hikes.