Lorraine Siena Reid, Trainer, CCG and Therapy Dog Prep, Tricks & Doggie Skateboarding


In February of 2005, Lorraine Siena Reid adopted a two-year-old Harrier who she somehow knew would change her life. Part of the adoption agreement required that the dog’s obedience training be maintained, and as she pursued that training, Lorraine quickly found a new passion: working with dogs.

Lorraine spent the majority of her professional career as a corporate officer for a brokerage house. A changing economy convinced her that it was time to retrain for a new career. With the increasing amounts of time she spent doing training work, the decision became an easy one: She would follow that new passion and work with dogs.

She left the corporate world and enrolled in the New York Academy for Dog Trainers, where she worked with rescue dogs, saving at-risk dogs from being euthanized by rehabilitating them through training.

She later became certified as a First Responder with Noah’s Wish, an animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is FEMA certified in disaster response, and has held certifications in pet CPR and First Aid as well as infant, child and adult CPR and first aid. In October 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, representing the Pet Safe Coalition of Nassau County, she co-managed the animal shelter at the Nassau County Recreation Department with the North Shore Animal League and the Office of Emergency Management. She has also completed course work training with dolphins and sea lions.

Her Harrier, Yogi, a long-time therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International, made numerous visits during his life, bringing great joy to all he met and inspiring her to begin teaching therapy dog prep classes. Through her efforts, hundreds of dogs have entered the therapy dog program over the last decade plus.

Assisted by her dog Manny, Lorraine keeps busy with her training business, Happy Paws K-9 Academy, operating both on Long Island and in the Catskill area of New York. You can visit her website at: www.HappyPawsK9Academy.com.