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What Your Dog REALLY Wants for the Holidays

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

The holidays are a wonderful time for letting your loved ones know how special they are to you — through loving words and warm wishes, music, cards, shared meals and rituals, holiday parties and sometime gift giving.

And if you’re like most of us, your four-legged best friend is on (perhaps even at the top of) your holiday shopping list. But what do you get for that special canine in your life?

In honor of the holidays, Canine Camp Getaway’s ambassadogs share their suggestions below:


Every Christmas, my Mom and I settle under the tree together where she has all these wonderful wrapped packages for me and my sister. We sit together and she tells me how much she loves me and rubs my ears while I sniff them all and tear off the wrapping paper. Mom has exceptional taste (she picked me out, didn’t she?), and there are always so many wonderful presents…Cuz toys just begging to have the feet chewed off, Kongs, braided bully sticks, super soft blankets and once even a stuffed octopus with 12, count ’em 12 squeakers! Good stuff!

But here’s a secret even my Mom doesn’t know: If there were no gifts at all, I would still be perfectly happy just to sit under the tree with her while she talks to me and rubs my ears. Because the best part isn’t the stuff, it’s the two of us, being together…11 years of being best friends. Kisses and long walks and BBQs and cuddles in bed, dog friends and games of ball and agility classes and the time I got hurt and Mom slept on an air mattress on the floor for three weeks so we could be together without me jumping.

So I think — and I’ve talked this over with other dogs and we all agree — if you’re looking for the perfect present for your canine buddy, forget the stores. What your dog really wants, and what your dog will cherish most, is time with YOU.

Now as Senior Ambassadog, I can tell you that Canine Camp Getaway is a GREAT way to give your dog (and you!) some special bonding time. Because honestly, humans are always distracted….we go for a walk together, and you don’t even notice the amazing smells, you’re so intent on getting there, you miss the best parts…and we know you have to work to pay for the kibble, but it would be better if you were throwing a ball for us or rubbing our bellies wholeheartedly instead of doing it with one eye on the computer.

But at Canine Camp Getaway, all of that fades away, and we can both be together, living in the moment, where the moment is all about US. Swimming, doing agility together, hiking those amazing trails, learning flyball, playing games and just hanging out together all day. What could be better than that?

So I think the perfect holiday gift for your dog would be for both of you to sign up for Canine Camp Getaway in 2013.

But what if you can’t make it to camp, what do you get your dogs then? The answer is still — time together. Trust me, I’m not the older, wiser ambassadog by accident; I’ve seen many holidays, and met thousands of dogs, and I can tell you that time is the most precious thing you can give us.

So for the holidays, make a commitment to take us for regular walks…and not just those five-minute walks where you rush us to potty and don’t let us sniff anything. Take us for a walk and walk WITH us, enjoy the walk through our eyes and noses. Let us run part of the way, stop and sniff part of the way, meet the other (friendly) dogs along the route.

Make a commitment to take us to the park to play ball, or Frisbee. Sign us up for an agility class. Play in the snow with us, or when it gets warm, take us to a doggie beach, and come in the water with us!

Get up five minutes early to give us a nice long belly rub one day. Cook us a terrific, healthy meal. Take a class in canine massage so you’ll be able to help us feel better when we get older.

For the holidays this year, give us the best gift ever…YOU. It’s what we’ll remember most when we’re old and gray, and we will always cherish that time together.

(Though if you find that octopus with the 12 squeakers, feel free to pick that up, too!)


I LOVE holidays! And holidays are a great time to get your dog TOYS! I l LOVE toys! Especially toys that are BALLS! Squeaky balls, and tennis balls, and those big, soft rubber balls with the cut outs that you can sink your teeth into…and speaking of things you can sink your teeth into, those soft boots with rubber soles, those are pretty fun too. Also stuffies with squeakers, and if you have two dogs, you should buy extra stuffies for your other dog, because it’s more fun to unstuff their toys first, it makes yours last longer.

And I always tell my Mom a big swimming pool would be great, but she says no swimming in winter. But in summer, you can swim because there’s camp and I especially love swimming at camp because I can play BALL in the WATER with all my FRIENDS!! You can too! So camp is a great gift, especially the swimming part, and the lure coursing part (because you can chase stuff without getting in trouble and no one yells, “Leave the cat, LEAVE the CAT, LEAVETHECATALONE!!!”). And the hikes are pretty awesome, and sometimes there are tennis balls around for flyball and there are so many dogs to play with and…well, all the parts are pretty great, actually. And there are TWO camps this year, one in June and one in September, so you could even go TWICE!

So, as junior ambassadog, I would strongly advise you to bring your dog to Canine Camp Getaway’s June or September session because it’s a great holiday gift. And if you celebrate Christmas, you can put boots under the tree, too, Croc boots are my favorite, but anything soft and squishy is good. And if you celebrate Chanukah, you can buy eight different kinds of balls and give your dog one every day, I like the Cuz ones, and also things with squeakers, though tennis balls are also great. Or just give us the wrapping paper, that’s fun, too!

Even if you don’t get us gifts, that’s okay, because we have YOU, and you’re the BEST GIFT EVER!

Happy holidays to you and your pups, and we hope to see you next year!

P.S. If you’re coming to camp, reserve your spot soon so you’re not shut out — and don’t forget to sign up before our Early Bird Deadline so you can save more money for dog treats! Contact us if you need more info or an application!


Jessie & Lexie Costa

Camp Ambassadogs

Canine Camp Getaway of NY